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1) We are currently awaiting approval from Northern Health to accept our first two (2) live-in female participants into the program.

2) Our Assisted Living BC registration application is also in process. Once approved we can accept an additional four (4) women with room for expansion based on demand.

3) We anticipate opening our treatment facility later this spring.

    Please follow us on Facebook for updates.

4) See "Request for Admission" below to have your name added to our applicant waitlist. 


If you're considering applying to our 6-Month Residential Treatment program, we applaud you for making it this far.

This is a very vital step in finding lasting freedom through sobriety.

If you're ready to say "yes" to receiving the help and support Rising Above Ministry has to offer, simply click the "Apply Here" button below and fill out the application.

Please give us a follow up call at 1(250) 785-1008 to ensure that we have received your application.

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