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Rising Above Ministries FSJ, formerly New Day in the Peace Ministries, is a non-profit, self governing, independent ministry provider modelled after and collaborating with Rising Above Ministries, Grand Prairie Alberta. Like them we seek to provide a unique approach to addiction treatment to residents in the Fort St John area in their efforts to break cycles of defeat.

As an integral part of the local community, Rising Above FSJ works with individual participants from a variety of backgrounds to mentor, encourage, and support them in their efforts to overcome addictions. This is achieved through the provision of the HELPS Model highlighted below.

These programs are available to Fort St John and area residents aged 18 or older who are committed and willing to change their lives for the better. Participants are invited to join the program upon admitting they need help overcoming their addictions and are willing to deal with underlying emotional wounds. Along with the addictions, there are co-occurring cycles of defeat.

Rising Above FSJ aims to address and help participants overcome: 
Anger Issues
Low Self-Esteem

Self-sabotaging Behaviour




In the most cases, the cycles of defeat listed are founded in a root cause, experience, or insecurity that fosters the opportunity for people to turn to destructive behaviors. Rising Above FSJ works to treat not just the self-defeating behavior but also its source. The source of that pain gets exposed and ultimately healed through Inner Healing. Since the common denominator is emotional pain, Rising Above FSJ supports people from all walks of life regardless of economic background, ethnic status, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

Rising Above FSJ meets people where they are and sees program participants as more than a statistic, more than a problem that needs to be solved.

Rising Above FSJ sees potential in every participant, ready to break free from their cycles of defeat, contributing to the community again.

Our staff has the unique ability to see beyond the brokenness and see an individual who has a purpose. When the participant feels hopeless the staff and volunteers bring hope.

Rising Above FSJ exists to see cycles of defeat broken and hope restored in the life of every individual who participates in our programs.

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