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Rising Above, formerly New Day in the Peace Ministries, is operated by people who genuinely care about the clients we serve. From the staff body to the board of directors, we are people who all have personal experiences, stories and passions that enable us to keep doing the good work God has called us to do. And that's to see people break free from bondage, discover who they truly are, experience God's truth in their life and the abundant freedom that is found in Jesus Christ. We are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, grandfathers, grandmothers, and friends who have come together for one see people break free from their cycle of defeat.


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  • Residential Treatment (6 month)
    Rising Above is an abstinence-based treatment facility in Baldonnel, BC on the outskirts of Fort St. John, offering a faith-based 6-month residential treatment program to individuals trapped in cycles of defeat. This program helps to address a wide range of issues. Substance abuse is the most common, but the program also addresses anger issues, patterns of homelessness and criminal behaviour, deep rooted shame, anxiety, and nay other forms of bondage a person may be struggling with.

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Physical Address:
11095 - 255 Road, Baldonnel, BC V1J 8B9

+1 (250) 785-1008

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